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The Best Nutrition is Simple

We use only the highest quality ingredients available to craft FirstMate and KASIKS Pet Foods

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FirstMate and KASIKS Pet Foods is made available through leading Pet Speciality retailers across Canada, the United States, Europe and parts of Asia.

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We know that to truly produce a superior product you must have control over the quality of your ingredients and manufacturing.

- Mike Florian -

Founder & President

Our story

@wyoming.bengals wants to know if you are on a naughty or nice list? 🎅⁠
Did you know that the herring sourced for our formulas are fished mainly for their roe? This enables FirstMate to use the WHOLE fish?🐟⁠
The inclusion of the whole fish increases the percentage of meat protein, which helps to ensure a high-quality fish diet. 👌⁠
Happy Monday from ⁠
@findyourspots and a box full of FirstMate goodies!⁠
Would you like to find this under your Christmas tree? ⁠
@kepmewild is the epitome of a cozy Sunday 😍
Did you know that recent research has found that kibble shape, in particular, can have a strong impact on the palatability of food for cats? 🙀⁠
Our Y-shaped kibble is highly palatable, helps to encourage chewing and slower eating, and therefore helps to ensure your cat receives all the nutrients contained in our formulation. 🐈⁠
What is your favourite formula?⁠
"Just wanted to send a huge thanks for making such great food. Our 13-week old Springer Spaniel is on the fish based puppy food, and he's looking amazing.⁠ Now his coat is beautiful and shiny, and he's got wonderful energy for all of our adventures. He is a testament to the care you put into his food. We are grateful. Kellie, Gord and Hunter."⁠ ⁠
@kelliemeacher ❤️⁠
Heart shaped treats for our ❤️'s
Is it too soon to have a Christmas tree up? @our.nyla.girl disagrees! 🎄⁠

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